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Put the sparkle back in your smile with teeth whitening in Berkeley, CA

If you dress to impress, then you might choose your accessories carefully according to the occasion. However, there is one thing you never have to wonder if you should wear, and that is a brilliant smile. It can be your best asset in any social or professional situation, and it feels great to show off. Unfortunately, that brilliance fades with time, as teeth naturally darken and acquire stains. The good news is that your trusted smile care team at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA offers a wide variety of at home and in office teeth whitening solutions to fit your needs.

In office Zoom whitening

  • Takes just one visit to achieve full results
  • Treatment takes less than an hour
  • Can lighten teeth by up to eight shades
  • Immediate results
  • Best option for quickly whitening badly stained teeth

In office Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening

  • Each session takes just 20 minutes, using flexible silicone trays for optimal comfort
  • Lighten teeth two to five shades in one treatment
  • You can schedule additional sessions to achieve your desired shade
  • Fewer than two percent of patients report a side effect of sensitive teeth
  • First ever teeth whitening system to be certified by the Eco-Dentistry Association
  • We will provide a take-home whitening pen for touchups

Take home whitening trays

  • Professional teeth whitening gel and trays
  • We provide complete instructions and answer your questions
  • Results develop gradually with daily use
  • Extremely gentle formula with minimal risk of sensitivity
  • Whiten teeth at home, at your convenience, and stop when your desired shade is achieved

Choosing the best way to whiten teeth

You are unique, and so are your teeth. Stain removal results from any given technique may vary depending on the cause and severity of your tooth discoloration. Additionally, dental materials do not respond to whitening like tooth enamel does. Your cosmetic dentist will perform a comprehensive examination, as well as discussing your goals and preferences before recommending a whitening treatment.

Are you ready to discover your path to a brighter smile? Call Transcendentist at (510) 800-7660 and schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Ruhi Sangha or Dr. Praj Kamat.

Success Stories

Dr. Praj has been working my teeth for awhile now. She a highly skilled dentist. She’s done three fillings for me and has the gentlest touch with the local anesthetic. She is a master of teeth cleaning!

Kalani R.
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