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Philips Zoom® for teeth whitening in Berkeley, CA that transcends your expectations

Hairstyles go out of style. Clothing trends are fickle. But teeth that are a healthy, youthful shade of white are always “on trend” and “in season.” As your Berkeley, CA office for dental care that “transcends” the “ordinary,” Transcendentist Drs Ruhi Sangha and Praj Kamat offer safe and gentle professional teeth whitening. The Zoom® whitening system by Philips is clinically proven to lift stains while protecting tooth enamel and reducing sensitivity in a single, chairside treatment.


All dental treatments start with an exam. We will determine if you are a good candidate for Zoom® whitening. Existing oral health problems, such as gum inflammation and failing restorations, must be treated before we can recommend professional whitening. We will also identify any teeth that may not whiten; for instance, crowns and other tooth-colored restorations (such as fillings) are not responsive to whitening. So, we may suggest brighter, lighter replacements that blend in beautifully with your whitened natural teeth. It is generally recommended that we place those restorations one to two weeks after Zoom® treatment for utmost comfort.

We will also discuss what to expect from treatment. Many patients will lighten their teeth by six to eight shades. Your age, the condition of your teeth, and your oral hygiene are factors that can affect the results; for instance, yellow or brown stains are more amenable to whitening than teeth that have grayish discoloration (due to the use of tetracycline and other medications). As needed, products may be prescribed to manage sensitivity. So, you have the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible! For best results, we may clean your teeth a few weeks before your whitening appointment.

Teeth Whitening Procedure at Transcendentist

Teeth Whitening Procedure at Transcendentist
Would you like whiter teeth? This video has all the information on the importance of teeth whitening for an individual. Learn more about the methods available at Transcendentist by Dr. Ruhi Sangha and Dr. Praj Kamat.

How important is teeth whitening for an individual?
If you dress to impress, then you might choose your accessories carefully according to the occasion. However, there is one thing you never have to wonder if you should wear, and that is a brilliant smile.

It can be your best asset in any social or professional situation, and it feels great to show off.

What are the teeth whitening methods available at Transcendentist?
At Transcendentist, we offer a wide variety of at-home and in-office teeth whitening solutions to fit your needs.

We offer in-office Zoom whitening that can lighten teeth up to eight shades, and the results are immediate.

We also offer in-office sensational smile teeth whitening. It is the first-ever teeth whitening system to be certified by the Eco Dentistry Association. It can lighten teeth up to two to three shades in one treatment.

At Transcendental, we provide a take-home whitening pen for touch-ups. We also do take-home whitening trays. You can whiten teeth at home at your convenience and stop when your desired shade is achieved.


Preparation is straightforward; you’ll sit back in our comfortable treatment chairs. From there, your dentist will isolate the teeth and protect surrounding facial tissues and lips with a covering (dental dam).

The rule is that “no pink” should be showing. Since the whitening gel is activated by a specialized UV light, we will also apply protective eyewear. Then, the whitening gel is applied to clean and dry teeth, followed by the application of the light that accelerates the bleaching process. Whitening treatment is typically completed in around 45 minutes, or three 15-minute applications. A fourth application may be necessary if you have sensitive teeth. Patients also appreciate how customizable the Philips Zoom® whitening system is; the unit features high, medium, and low settings. The low setting may be appropriate for patients who are prone to sensitivity.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed - Berkeley, CA


A proprietary oral care gel is applied to minimize sensitivity and to promote the remineralization of your teeth. We will go over how to use the gel at home, as well as ways to keep the stunning results from treatment. Do not consume staining coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco products for at least two hours after the completion of your procedure. Since all Zoom® whitening patients require maintenance treatment, you may opt to use the chairside system again or to use the Philips home product. Generally, whitening trays are made from impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Insert the gel into the trays, and slip the trays over your teeth. When worn as directed every four to six months, depending on your habits, your teeth look as brilliant as the day they were whitened with Zoom®.

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Get rid of stains with teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Berkeley CA
Teeth whitening services are some of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in today’s world of dentistry. Strong dyes and acids in our food and drink, and unhealthy habits like smoking can lead our teeth to lose their color. Get your stained teeth looking brilliant and white again with teeth whitening!

At a young age our teeth are healthy and white but over time the enamel that slowly coats the tooth is worn down causing our teeth to become stained and yellow which is why teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening – they include at home and in-office. With in-office treatments, you will see faster results and you will receive the safest treatments for bleaching the teeth and yield the whitest smile. So don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that maybe right for you.

Zoom whitening in Berkeley, CA
Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Ruhi Sangha
Dr. Ruhi Sangha

Meet The Transcendentist Dentists

Dr. Praj Kamat considers it a privilege to be able to combine dentistry with being environmentally responsible. She was trained at the prestigious Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and uses her skills and experience to provide top-quality dentistry to the communities in Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Ruhi Sangha believes that dentistry should be performed by caring and compassionate people. A graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, she considers technology and innovation an integral part of a dental practice and strives to use the most modern techniques at the Transcendentist for the benefit of patients.

They are assisted by a team of top dental professionals including John Cuesta, Registered Dental Assistant; and Mariela Rios, Dental Assistant.

Success Stories

Dr. Praj has been working my teeth for awhile now. She a highly skilled dentist. She’s done three fillings for me and has the gentlest touch with the local anesthetic. She is a master of teeth cleaning!

Kalani R.
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