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Inlays / Onlays

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Dental inlays and onlays – the conservative way to save teeth in Berkeley, CA

Here at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA we are committed to preserving and enhancing our patients’ oral health in the most natural way possible. For small cavities or minor chips, we use a putty-like resin material that is applied directly and then hardened. For broken or otherwise severely damaged teeth, we usually recommend porcelain crowns. However, many dental problems fall between the two extremes. In these cases, porcelain inlays or onlays are often ideal.

What are inlays and onlays?

Like a dental crown, this type of restoration replaces damaged or missing enamel with beautiful, high-strength porcelain. However, unlike a crown it does not cover the whole tooth. The difference between an inlay and an onlay is the portion of the tooth that it treats.

  • An inlay, also called an indirect filling, might encompasses one or two sides of a tooth, but not the cusp (tip).
  • An onlay, also called a partial crown, is larger and covers one or more cusps.

Benefits of inlays and onlays

Dr. Ruhi Sangha and Dr. Praj Kamat share a single priority, and that is you. Their recommendations are based on the state of your oral health, along with your personal preferences. Your dentist will begin by assessing the damage to your tooth and the amount of healthy structure that remains.

In some cases, we can replace worn fillings with new ones. Unfortunately, worn out, loose, or cracked fillings often cause some damage to the surrounding tooth, requiring a more substantial restoration. A full dental crown covers all visible areas of the tooth, which is wonderful if it is badly damaged or needs complete protection. However, if part of the tooth is healthy and intact, we would need to grind it down in order to make room for the crown.

Inlays and onlays provide the protective and restorative qualities of porcelain, but only where it is needed. In keeping with our commitment to dental preservation, the healthy portion of your tooth remains intact while the damaged or diseased part is restored.

Finding your ideal smile solution

Do you need a crown, filling, inlay, onlay, or other restorative dentistry treatment? The best way to answer that question is through a personal consultation with one of our skilled and compassionate dentists. Call us at (510) 800-7660 to schedule your appointment.

Success Stories

Dr. Praj has been working my teeth for awhile now. She a highly skilled dentist. She’s done three fillings for me and has the gentlest touch with the local anesthetic. She is a master of teeth cleaning!

Kalani R.
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