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Don’t dread seeing the dentist: introducing a fresh new approach to oral wellness in Berkeley, CA

Our name says it all. It is time to transcend the limitations set by our current common perceptions about what a visit to the dentist means. Dentistry need not bring pain and stress, nor involve materials harmful to your body and the environment. Here at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA, our practice revolves around maximizing your overall wellness. We also strive to promote and preserve planetary wellness, by practicing green, certified eco-friendly dentistry.

Why choose Transcendentist?

“We treat human beings, not just their teeth.” It is more than a motto; it is a core belief that is ingrained in everything we do. The instant you walk through our door, you will know that you embarked upon a unique dental experience.

  • Comprehensive care including orthodontics, general dentistry, smile makeovers, oral surgery, and much more
  • Serene, uplifting, inviting office atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable, skilled team of professionals
  • Unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care
  • Top quality dental materials
  • Green (we are the first dental practice to be certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program)

Our story

It began with the most mundane of interactions. Among the bustling crowd of shoppers at a San Francisco mall, two young women met. They had a lot in common and became friends. What neither of them knew was that this was not a chance meeting or passing casual acquaintance. Their lives were on parallel paths, with both attending the University of Pacific, becoming dentists, marrying IT professionals, and having two children each.

Now board-certified dentists, both women spent years working at different dental practices in the Bay Area, gaining valuable experience. Moreover, they developed a similar passion for patient-friendly, earth-friendly dentistry that no existing dental practice encompassed. It was then that they realized fate had brought them together for a reason, and together they could make that dream dental practice a reality. Transcendentist was born, and Drs. Praj and Ruhi have been serving Berkley and nearby communities ever since.

Open up a world of smiles

Transcend your smile woes. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of soothing sounds, uplifting fragrances, and nature-inspired décor while our experienced dentists restore your oral health and reveal the true beauty of your smile.

Call us at  (510) 800-7660 to begin your journey toward total dental wellness.

Welcome to Transcendentist: where patient experience is our priority

Your Berkeley Dental Experience - Dr. Ruhi Sangha

Welcome to Transcendentist, a green dental wellness spot in the first green dental office in the country nestled in the heart of Berkeley California. My name is Masha and I’m the client care coordinator which means I am here to make you feel at home in our very special dental practice. The Transendentist office opened 10 years ago in 2003 and it incorporates sustainability in all aspects of this practice and the dental materials and processes used to the built environment and the way we run the office on a daily basis.

Trancendentist is an all-digital office. Patients are given ipads to fill a new client paperwork and we communicate with you using email and text messaging. Our use of all digital, charting, scheduling and billing allows us to save almost 20,000 sheets of paper a year. Trancendentist is the model of a green dental office.
Before your appointment feel free to relax in our eco-friendly lounge. Have some Numi organic tea. Everything here the natural wool carpets, no VOC paint, our lush green plants sustainably crafted furniture and the abundance of natural light create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. You can even take a self-guided tour of the office by reading the frame lists of environmental initiatives we have implemented located in every room of the practice. We’re helping to transform our industry when you’re doing your part by coming to see us. After treatment patients are given reusable gift bags filled with recycled and natural products and they’re encouraged to share their experience and feedback via social media. Check out the cool toothbrush we give away can you believe the handle is made out of recycled yogurt cups. Feel free to stop by and say hello to us here at trancendentist located at 3030 Ashby avenue in Berkeley California and don’t forget to visit us at https://www.transcendentist.com/

Your Berkeley

Welcome to our practice! Meet your partners in transforming the dental experience, and achieving your best state of dental wellness.


Success Stories

I would like to share my wonderful dental experience with all of you. I am a big dental phobe and deathly scared of being in a dentalchair but I have the most awesome dentists who have helped me to get past my fears. Yesterday I saw Dr Praj and of course she made my dental visit so calming and I felt so taken care of during and after my dental visit! Thank Dr Praj❤

Valerie B.
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