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Brighten your teeth with Zoom Whitening in Berkeley, CA

Zoom Teeth Whitening at Transcendentist in Berkeley CA Area

If you lack confidence in your smile, Drs. Ruhi and Praj can help. Zoom is a one-day treatment to brighten your teeth using light-activated bleaching gel to remove staining and kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. At Transcendentist, we offer in-office Zoom teeth whitening for patients in Berkeley, CA, to brighten your smile in about an hour. 

What to expect from your appointment

Zoom teeth whitening gel is a safe, efficient way to brighten your teeth in a time crunch. If you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look your best for photos, Zoom may be the right choice for you. The doctors at Transcendentist  examine your teeth and determine if Zoom is the right treatment plan for you. 

During your Zoom whitening session, a barrier is  put  over your gums and mouth so that only your teeth are exposed to the gel. The whitening gel is applied to your teeth and a special light to get the process started.  The gel is reapplied up to three to four times in 15-minute intervals. You can expect your teeth to brighten up to 8 shades lighter.

Find the treatment that works for you

At Transcendentist, we offer multiple options to improve the appearance of your teeth. In addition to Zoom, we also offer Sinsational Smile teeth whitening. Treatment time takes twenty minutes and is applied using a flexible silicon tray to minimize discomfort. You can schedule multiple sessions to get the results you are looking for, and we provide you with a touch-up pen you can use at home to maximize the benefits of each session.

Not all discoloration will respond to whitening. When your tooth enamel starts to thin, it can reveal the inner layer of your tooth, known as dentin. Dentin has a naturally yellow appearance, and peroxide solutions will not whiten them. However, you can still improve the appearance of your smile with porcelain veneers. These will provide a thin, tooth-coloured coating to preserve your teeth and put the sparkle back into your smile. 

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At-home care is crucial for a bright smile

Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of tooth discoloration. If you don’t take the time to brush your teeth and floss daily, plaque will start to accumulate on your teeth, which can result in yellow or brown stains. You will also increase your risk of developing cavities and gum disease, which will only make matters worse.

Certain habits can also be a significant contributor to teeth stains, such as smoking, coffee, tea, or wine. The Doctors  will talk to you about the best ways to prevent future staining on your teeth so you can keep your teeth looking their best for years to come. You will also have a much easier time taking care of your teeth if you have regular dental visits for professional cleaning.

Contact our office today at (510) 800-7660 to set up an appointment and to learn more about Zoom teeth whitening in Berkley, CA. 

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Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Praj Kamat
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