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Dentophobia Tips

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Fear of visiting the dentist or undergoing dental procedures is very common but some people experience anxiety or fear so severe that they avoid going to the dentist all together. This fear is called Dentophobia and people who experience these anxieties are less likely to maintain regular dental check-ups and cleanings which will inevitably lead to negative effects on their oral health. 

Thankfully, Berkeley dentists Dr. Praj Kamat and Dr. Ruhi Sangha are trained to accommodate fearful patients, and their passionate dental team will work to ensure your anxiety is relieved throughout your appointment. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try for yourself to help overcome your dental visit anxieties:

Try some relaxation techniques. Deep breaths and light meditation can be very powerful in calming nerves. If you’re able to slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, you may feel more relaxed overall during your appointment. 

Ask Questions! Berkeley dentists Dr. Praj Kamat and Dr. Ruhi Sangha encourage you to share your thoughts and questions so that you can be well informed about your oral health and feel comfortable and confident during your visit.

Being in the dentist’s chair alongside someone familiar might help to ease your anxiety. So for your first appointment, bring along a friend or family member who you trust, and who has no fear of the dentist. 

You can listen to music or podcasts during your appointment to help distract yourself. Many people have fears of specific sounds they associate with the dentist, so if you feel as though you need to drown those sounds out to relax, please do! We encourage you to take whatever means necessary to maximize your comfort during your appointment. 

For more questions about relieving dental anxiety, or to schedule your next appointment with Berkeley Dentists Dr. Praj Kamat and Dr. Ruhi Sangha, call (510) 800-7660 today! 

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