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Using composite resin as tooth cavity treatment

Tooth Cavity Treatment in Berkeley CA Area

If you are seeking cavity treatment, reach out to our team at Transcendentist. We welcome you to speak to Drs. Praj Kamat and Ruhi Sangha to discuss the benefits of utilizing composite resin for fillings. When a tooth has a cavity, it requires treatment as soon as possible to keep the area of decay from becoming more extensive, deeper, and more damaging to the natural tooth structure. Our Berkeley, California, area team often suggests using composite resin as a filling material. What are the advantages of using composite resin fillings for areas of tooth decay? While there are several materials … Continue reading

FDA: Recommends dentists in Berkeley, CA (and elsewhere) stop the use of dental amalgam in 9 high-risk groups

FDA Recommends Use of Dental Amalgam at Transcendentist in Berkeley CA Area

Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA has always “transcended” the “conventional”; for instance, due to our fresh, whole-health approach to dentistry, Drs Praj Kamat and Ruhi Sangha do not place amalgam fillings made from a combination of metallic substances, including a known toxin: mercury. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing recommendations on the use of dental amalgam among certain “high-risk” populations. The new FDA guidelines In an advisory issued on its FDA.gov website, the agency recommends that nine groups have their cavities treated with non-mercury-containing fillings. As noted, the fillings that they recommend instead are made from toothlike … Continue reading