Most people do not associate the word "ozone" with ozone dentistry.

Ozone, after all, is the specific layer of our atmosphere that shields us from the sun's UV radiation.

However, dentistry can also benefit from the ozone molecule.

Ozone is a supercharged form of oxygen with a unique ability to disinfect. When used, it can fight a variety of bacteria, including those that lead to dental pain, periodontal diseases, and tooth decay.

What Is


The disinfecting power of the ozone gas is helpful in the dental industry. It is beneficial to dentists because it can be used to eradicate harmful oral bacteria, which is the root cause of many dental issues.

What Is IT

Ozone therapy:

Yes! Ozone therapy has no risks at all. It may even be safer than previous dental procedures you have had. Ozone gas is safer because it is completely natural.

You can reduce the chances of side effects that dental procedures will cause by using this natural product.


IS OZONE therapy

At Transcendentist, we are proud to offer this natural therapy as a way to protect and restore the health of Berkeley, California, area patients’ smiles.

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