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Replace missing teeth with dental implants for a natural-looking smile in Berkeley, CA

Replace Missing Tooth at Transcendentist in Berkeley, Ca Area

Tooth loss is not just a problem for seniors, it can affect anyone at any age. When you are facing the loss of permanent teeth, it’s important to find a replacement option that will restore oral health and your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. At Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA, we work with our patients to find a tooth replacement option that fits in with your lifestyle, goals, and budget. Dental implants are one option that many of our patients love because they are the gold standard in natural function and feel. If you are missing teeth, we invite you to call us today at (510) 800-7660 to book a consultation.

What are dental implants?

To understand dental implants, it’s helpful to understand the anatomy of a tooth. Teeth are made of two components: the portion of the teeth that you see visible within the smile is called the crown and the part that lives underneath the gum line is the root. The tooth root is responsible for anchoring the tooth in place. Most tooth replacement options replace only the visible crown portion of the tooth. Because of this, these restorations can often feel a bit clunky and require multiple adjustments as the bone and soft tissue structure within the mouth change shape and size. Dental implants physically replace the root. Once the implant post is placed into the bone it fuses with it during a process called osseointegration, so it becomes a part of the physical support structure in the mouth. The implant restoration is completed by connecting a dental crown or dentures to the posts for a fully functional, permanent replacement to missing teeth.

Benefits of dental implants

  • Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth – Implants restore full chewing functionality which allows you to eat all your favorite foods without discomfort or fear of the restoration moving around. This also makes it easy to brush and floss normally.
  • Dental implants can last a lifetime – While other restorations may last around ten years, dental implants can last the rest of your life.
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss – When there is no tooth root to stimulate the jaw, the bone can begin to deteriorate. Furthermore, other restorations that sit on top of the gums may accelerate that bone deterioration as they rub across the bony ridge.
  • Dental implants protect adjacent teeth – When there is a gap in the smile, adjacent teeth may begin to shift toward the opening which can affect your bite, increase the risk of tooth decay, and negatively impact the appearance of the smile.
  • Dental implants prevent premature aging – Bone loss due to missing teeth can lead to facial sagging (when the lower third of the face begins to collapse and close the distance between the nose and chin) which can cause a person to appear much older.
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Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Praj Kamat
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Dr. Ruhi Sangha

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Dr. Praj Kamat considers it a privilege to be able to combine dentistry with being environmentally responsible. She was trained at the prestigious Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and uses her skills and experience to provide top-quality dentistry to the communities in Berkeley, CA.

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They are assisted by a team of top dental professionals including John Cuesta, Registered Dental Assistant; and Mariela Rios, Dental Assistant.