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Enjoy a Healthier Smile with Ozone Treatment for Gum Disease

Ozone Treatment for Gum Disease in Berkeley CA Area

When many picture cavity treatments at a dental office, they imagine the dentist using a series of sharp and uncomfortable picks and drills, causing them more discomfort than the cavity. However, there have been many advancements in the treatment of cavities that might surprise you. Our dentists on the cutting edge of dental technology are Dr. Ruhi Sangha and Dr. Praj Kamat of Transcendentist in Berkeley, California, they are experts in ground-breaking Ozone therapy for gum disease.

What is Dental Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a molecule in nature that’s made up of three oxygen atoms. In our planet’s atmosphere, it exists in gas form, but it can also be used in oil or liquid to serve many uses in dentistry. There are many beneficial properties ozone can provide inside the mouth, such as:

  • Eliminating harmful bacterial waste
  • Stopping the progression of cavities
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Promoting healthier blood flow
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Promoting tooth remineralization
  • Reducing dangerous pH levels in tissues
  • Eliminating harmful bacteria
  • It also destroys viruses, fungi, protozoans, and other necrotic debris

The best part is that dental ozone therapy does not have any known side effects when controlled by an experienced dental professional like Dr. Sangha. The treatment is comfortable and painless, and there is zero downtime afterward because it does not involve using a dental drill, pain medications, or anesthetics. So you can get right back to your routine as soon as you leave the office.

How Ozone Therapy Helps Patients in Dentistry

Ozone therapy is a flexible tool to promote better dental health in clients. A few of the ways ozone can benefit teeth and gums include:

  • Sanitizing canal tissues during root canal treatment
  • A valuable component of a customized periodontal disease therapy plan that assists in eradicating the bacteria that cause the disease
  • Following a tooth extraction, helping to prevent infection
  • Treating painful lesions or ulcers
  • Helping prevent the spread of early-stage cavities
  • Reducing sensitivity in teeth
  • As part of treatment for mouth infections such as dental abscesses

Even bleeding inflamed gum tissue caused by contaminated periodontal pockets can be treated with ozone therapy concisely, reducing inflammation. 

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Treatment may also include ozone hyperbaric tray insufflation that floods an entire dental arch with ozone. These trays saturate both hard and soft tissues to have ozone-delivering antimicrobial properties. These trays are customized for each client, using the same process for designing invisible braces for a precise fit. 

The trays are then placed over the gums and teeth using slight negative pressure to ensure a tight seal that achieves maximum ozone delivery while eliminating the possibility of the patient breathing excess ozone gas.

Ozone oils are another form of introducing the gas to oral tissues, and they mainly benefit clients during and after specific periodontal therapies. 

Learn More About the Benefits of Ozone Treatments

Now, you can enjoy a healthier smile without experiencing the discomfort of drills. 

Contact Transcendentist to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sangha or Dr. Praj Kamat to learn if ozone therapy is right for you. Our phone number is (510) 800-7660, and our office is at 3030 Ashby Ave, Suite 101, Berkeley, CA 94705.

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Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Ruhi Sangha
Dr. Ruhi Sangha

Meet The Transcendentist Dentists

Dr. Praj Kamat considers it a privilege to be able to combine dentistry with being environmentally responsible. She was trained at the prestigious Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and uses her skills and experience to provide top-quality dentistry to the communities in Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Ruhi Sangha believes that dentistry should be performed by caring and compassionate people. A graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, she considers technology and innovation an integral part of a dental practice and strives to use the most modern techniques at the Transcendentist for the benefit of patients.

They are assisted by a team of top dental professionals including John Cuesta, Registered Dental Assistant; and Mariela Rios, Dental Assistant.