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Get Rid of That Gummy Smile with Laser Treatment for Gums

Laser Treatment for Gum at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA Area

You might be blessed with beautiful, healthy teeth, but you may still not be confident with your smile. Why? If you have excess gum tissue or an uneven gum line, you suffer from a gummy smile — something that you don’t want. Thankfully, if you are struggling with a gummy smile, laser treatment for gums in Berkeley, California, can give you a symmetrical smile just the way you always wanted.

At Transcendentist, it’s our mission to provide Berkeley, CA residents with five-star oral care. When you visit Dr. Ruhi Sangha and Dr. Praj Kamat, be sure that they will enhance your smile without altering your teeth using gum laser technology.

What is gum laser surgery?

It’s a cosmetic dental procedure used to recontour uneven gum lines. You see, a patient might have excess gum tissue, making their teeth appear small. In such cases, laser treatment removes the excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth. Similarly, laser treatment can straighten uneven gum lines, giving you a balanced smile.

Other oral imperfections that laser treatment for gums can address include:

  • A receding gum line
  • A crooked smile
  • Differently sized teeth
  • Short or small teeth

So, how does the procedure work?

While you may not be familiar with laser treatment, you can push your fears aside since Dr. Ruhi or Drs. Praj will explain the ins and outs of the procedure during the consultation. On the D-Day, it will surprise you how straightforward the process is. Here is what to expect:

  1. Administering anesthesia to numb the affected region.
  2. Marking and contouring your gums with laser technology to achieve a peerless smile.
  3. Your dentist advises on how to take care of your gums during the recovery period.
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The beauty of gum laser surgery is that the procedure is painless and virtually bloodless since the laser cauterizes as it cuts. Besides, the process doesn’t interfere with the surrounding tissues.

Gum Lift in and around Berkeley, California

Are you looking for solutions to get rid of your gummy smile? Contact (510) 800-7660 to book an appointment with Transcendentist of Berkeley, California, for a gum lift. Dr. Ruhi and Dr. Praj uses laser technology to transform your gums for a stunning smile.

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Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Praj Kamat
Dr. Ruhi Sangha
Dr. Ruhi Sangha

Meet The Transcendentist Dentists

Dr. Praj Kamat considers it a privilege to be able to combine dentistry with being environmentally responsible. She was trained at the prestigious Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and uses her skills and experience to provide top-quality dentistry to the communities in Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Ruhi Sangha believes that dentistry should be performed by caring and compassionate people. A graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, she considers technology and innovation an integral part of a dental practice and strives to use the most modern techniques at the Transcendentist for the benefit of patients.

They are assisted by a team of top dental professionals including John Cuesta, Registered Dental Assistant; and Mariela Rios, Dental Assistant.