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Invisalign Benefits and Payment Plans Covering Invisalign Cost

Invisalign Cost at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA Area

Most people do not look forward to wearing braces. However, California residents can now experience the benefits of teeth straightening without embarrassment. Furthermore, payment plans are available to cover the cost of Invisalign braces for patients in and around Berkeley, California, considering this procedure at the Transcendentist practice.

Benefits of Invisalign Braces – Why Wear Them?

You can present your best smile to the world and not have your white teeth covered by metal. What is more, they offer the same orthodontic benefits as traditional braces. Corrections made using Invisalign include these:

  • Underbite and overbite alignments
  • Closing of teeth gaps
  • Crooked tooth straightening
  • Correction of crossbites or excessive overlap
  • Treatment of protrusions or rotated teeth
  • Prevention of problems at an early age

Is Invisalign Right for Your Family?

For starters, Drs. Praj Kamat and Ruhi Sangha only use Invisalign clear plastic braces that do not contain BPA. Furthermore, they cause fewer injuries, such as lip cuts or tears. For children, non-metal orthodontics could result in less pain when playing. You will also be less likely to injure a romantic partner when spending time together if you have Invisalign dental aligners.

More importantly, Invisalign trays are easy to wear. The dentists at Transcendentist also ensure a perfect fit when customizing them for you or a family member’s mouth.

Payment Plans for Invisible Teeth Braces

You do not need to wear metal braces if you would rather not. Besides, the expense of braces varies according to your specific dental needs. The transparent teeth braces do not always cost more than the metal types.

If you are facing upcoming tooth problems, we invite you to call
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Before determining the need for braces, the dentists at Transcendentist will perform a thorough examination. Then, you’ll receive information about CareCredit. This health payment plan will make your Invisalign cost less overwhelming. We will also discuss insurance reimbursement and other ways to cover the expense offered by some employer health savings programs.

If you are a new patient, please call (510) 800-7660. Existing patients can reach us at (510) 841-3040. You can also schedule a virtual consultation with either Dr. Ruhi Sangha or Dr. Praj Kamat at Transcendentist

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Dr. Praj Kamat
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Dr. Ruhi Sangha

Meet The Transcendentist Dentists

Dr. Praj Kamat considers it a privilege to be able to combine dentistry with being environmentally responsible. She was trained at the prestigious Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and uses her skills and experience to provide top-quality dentistry to the communities in Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Ruhi Sangha believes that dentistry should be performed by caring and compassionate people. A graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, she considers technology and innovation an integral part of a dental practice and strives to use the most modern techniques at the Transcendentist for the benefit of patients.

They are assisted by a team of top dental professionals including John Cuesta, Registered Dental Assistant; and Mariela Rios, Dental Assistant.