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Beware of At Home Treatments Claiming to Regrow Gum Tissue

Gum Regrowth Treatment at Transcendentist in Berkeley CA Area

When you notice your gums receding, you might first think of trying an at-home remedy to regrow lost gum tissue. Many over-the-counter items exist for whitening teeth and straightening teeth that there must be one for receding gums, too, right? Not really.

An at-home remedy cannot solve this problem. You won’t think that if you Google or Bing the term “Gum Regrowth Treatment Berkeley CA,” though. What you will come up with are many traditional treatments that do not change your gum health. They might make you feel as if you are doing something productive to help the situation, but you can only do that by visiting your dentist.

You cannot treat receding gums with oil pulling, green tea, aloe vera gel, ozonated olive oil massage, brushing with turmeric, and consuming large amounts of Vitamin C. While consuming the appropriate amounts of vitamins per day provides your body with essential nutrients it will not regrow your gums. In addition, there aren’t many ways to spur new gum growth.

Your dentist does, however, have ways of treating your receding gums. Common treatments include pinhole treatment, laser therapy, or gum grafts. These medical treatments reposition your existing gum tissue or move it from one area of your mouth, which still has appropriate coverage to the area of recession. So how do these treatments work?

Pinhole Technique: Using pinhole therapy, the dentist makes tiny holes in the gums using a needle, then guides the loosened gum over the teeth using an instrument specifically designed for the task. The procedure requires no scalpel or sutures and results in minimum bleeding, swelling, and pain for the patient. In addition, it instantly improves your appearance and lasts for years.

Laser Therapy: Laser therapy uses a dental laser to erode the plaque and tartar on the patient’s gums and kill the bacteria in their periodontal pockets. It requires no scalpel or sutures and, like pinhole treatment, causes no bleeding. In addition, it instantly reduces gum recession as well as preserving gum tissue between the patient’s teeth.

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Gum Grafts: A gum graft is a surgical procedure. You undergo anesthesia, and the dentist either moves a portion of your healthy gums to the exposed area or takes a bit of tissue from the roof of your mouth and repositions it. You use an antimicrobial mouthwash for two weeks post-surgery because you cannot brush or floss. And eat a soft food diet of gelatin, scrambled eggs, cold soups, etc., for those same two weeks. Complete healing requires about a month. The graft works permanently, though. You may have gum recession in other areas, though, if you do not improve your dental hygiene.

Your dentist can help you decide between the three treatment options. Unfortunately, while it may seem dreamy that you could use oil pulling to fix a huge problem like gum recession, it does not work. Your dentist can help you find a solution, though, to save your smile and your health.

Drs. Praj Kamat and Ruhi Sangha of Berkeley, CA, have various options available for Berkeley residents regarding receding gums. Call Transcendentist today at (510) 800-7660 to schedule an appointment.

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