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Learn more about clear orthodontic aligners as an alternative to traditional metal braces

Clear Orthodontic Braces in Berkeley CA Area

To reposition teeth, many patients believe that movement can only be achieved using metal braces with an orthodontist. Fortunately, the field of orthodontia and even dentistry has made great strides in how we achieve results when it comes to the appearance, health, and function of the smile. At Transcendentist, Drs. Praj Kamat and Ruhi Sangha of Berkeley, California, can assist you in achieving the real results you want without metal braces and instead with Invisalign clear orthodontic treatment using invisible tray aligners. What is Invisalign? Invisalign uses a 3D treatment planning and fabrication process that uses computer technology to move teeth … Continue reading

Transcendentist in Berkeley, California, offer Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Near Me Berkeley CA Area

In an ideal world, all of our teeth would come in perfectly straight, and we would all have a properly aligned bite, but the reality is that most people have some misalignment in their teeth and jaw. If you are interested in a discreet alternative to braces for straightening your teeth and have been searching for “Invisalign near me,” the team at Transcendentist in Berkeley, California, is here to help!  The benefits of straight teeth go beyond appearance When you think of someone with a terrific smile, the chances are that they have straight teeth. But did you know that properly aligned … Continue reading

Invisalign Benefits and Payment Plans Covering Invisalign Cost

Invisalign Cost at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA Area

Most people do not look forward to wearing braces. However, California residents can now experience the benefits of teeth straightening without embarrassment. Furthermore, payment plans are available to cover the cost of Invisalign braces for patients in and around Berkeley, California, considering this procedure at the Transcendentist practice. Benefits of Invisalign Braces – Why Wear Them? You can present your best smile to the world and not have your white teeth covered by metal. What is more, they offer the same orthodontic benefits as traditional braces. Corrections made using Invisalign include these: Underbite and overbite alignmentsClosing of teeth gapsCrooked tooth straighteningCorrection of … Continue reading

Berkeley, CA patients ask, “Are Invisalign clear braces effective for adults?”

Invisalign Clear Teeth Braces at Transcendentist in Berkeley Area

The appearance of the smile is important. As an adult, you may have considered straightening your teeth but have been deterred by the thought of traditional braces. Now, with the help of Invisalign, it is possible to discreetly straighten your teeth and achieve a beautiful smile. Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA offers Invisalign for adults. Sometimes called clear aligner trays or clear braces, Invisalign is a popular treatment method for patients who want alternative teeth straightening options. Invisalign clear braces for adults Straight teeth are not just beautiful, they are also healthy. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss decreasing … Continue reading

Berkeley, CA patients ask, “Do Invisalign clear braces work?”

Invisalign Clear Braces in Berkeley CA Area

A straight, even smile is beautiful and healthy. Getting and maintaining the smile you deserve takes work. For many teens and adults, the thought of wearing traditional metal braces to straighten the teeth is unappealing. Thankfully, wearing clear dental braces gives patients an alternative orthodontic option. The team at Transcendentist in Berkeley, CA offers Invisalign clear braces to help patients achieve straight, beautiful smiles. Does Invisalign work? Invisalign clear braces are BPA-free plastic aligner trays. Each patient receives custom trays created from impressions of his/her teeth. This ensures the trays fit snugly, yet comfortably around the teeth without shifting. Since … Continue reading