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Practice Tip:
When using cloth for sterilization, include an indicator strip with the instruments inside the wrap to ensure complete sterilization.

Showcase your environmental stewardship by switching from paper and plastic dental office products used for patient comfort and sterilization.

The use cloth instrument wraps for steam sterilization at Transcendentist has diverted approximately 18,720 pieces of paper and 18,720 pieces of plastic from landfills. The use of cloth patient bibs instead of the traditional 2-ply paper, 1-ply plastic bib, has diverted approximately 40,800 pieces of paper and 20,400 pieces of plastic from landfills. Not only do these innovations save the planet, they can also save a typical dental practice as much as $2000 a year!

If your dental office isn't currently using cloth alternatives, feel free to download the product guide and price list and let your dentist know you value eco-friendly business choices!

Dental Office Cloth Products

the benefits of cloth

Good for the Planet. Studies show that using cloth sterilization methods diverts nearly 5000 pieces of paper and 5000 pieces of plastic in just one year.* Using our fabric patient "bibs" instead of 2-ply paper, 1-ply plastic bibs diverts 10,200 pieces of paper and 5,100 pieces of plastic from landfill annually.* Your clients will appreciate the comfortable feel of fabric and will appreciate the difference you are making for the planet!

Good for the Bottom Line. While paper and plastic supplies may seem "cheaper," switching to cloth dental products actually saves you money. In a recent study, switching to all cloth dental office products and wiping chairs with bio-degradable disinfectants (instead of using plastic barriers) showed a savings of as much as $2000 yearly!**

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